The crowds flocked to downtown Burlington for the annual Living Windows event like migrating birds to warm weather.

It was a pleasant Thursday evening and everyone soaked up the festive windows, treats and carriage rides.

At the Steamboat Senior Center Janet Russell of New London was dressed as Buckwheat the Elf and made balloon creations for the children from her seat by the window.

鈥淚 do reindeer, puppy dogs, swords, rabbits and jet packs 鈥 that takes a lot of balloons 鈥 but it澳门开奖 a lot of fun,鈥 said Russell. 鈥淭hey love it.鈥

Ed and Bonnie Hartman of Burlington brought their grandchildren, Kamryn Hartman, 9, and Hudson, 4, inside the center to get a balloon.

鈥淲e do this every year for the memories we create with the grandkids,鈥 said Bonnie. 鈥淎nd the beautiful weather, we couldn鈥檛 ask for anything better.鈥

At Jerilyn Horn Kitchen and Bath Designs, a group of ladies gathered to work up a sweat.

Pound is an active workout that combines a beat of sticks and movement and they dressed in holiday colors and garb to get in the spirit.

鈥淚t澳门开奖 gonna be a three-hour workout for these gals,鈥 said Heidi Ostergren of Burlington who promoted the full-body cardio-jam exercise routine to the crowd.

鈥淟ast year it was freezing,鈥 said Ostergren. 鈥淚 love this (weather), I鈥檒l take it.鈥

The crowds also flocked to the Frozen characters Olaf and Frosty the Snowman as they wandered up and down Jefferson Street. They took pictures and shook hands with the white, oversized holiday creatures and left with big smiles.

There were ballet dancers on tip toes who twirled from Cheryl澳门开奖 School of Dance in V.O.澳门开奖 window and jumps and springs from the Burlington All Stars Diamondz cheerleading team inside and outside Original Cyns.

鈥淚t澳门开奖 a lot of fun to get people to cheer with us,鈥 said Dilynn Target, 18, of Burlington with the Burlington All Stars Diamondz team.

There were crafts for children at The Medium, children pressed their face against the glass for the Puppets of Praise at the First United Methodist Church Loft and a painter doing it her way painting Frank Sinatra at La Boheme.

At the Art Center of Burlington the expansive windows was filled with painters.

鈥淲e are at capacity 鈥 40 people 鈥 painting a sexy snowman,鈥 said Elizabeth Pappas, ACB executive director.

Painter Lorri Lee Miller of Mount Union was leading the crowd with the mantra 鈥淓at, drink, paint.鈥

鈥淚鈥檓 getting excited. This is going to be so much fun,鈥 said Mike Rhodes of Burlington. 鈥淚t澳门开奖 always good to be adventurous.鈥

She came to paint with her group of Bunco dice players.

鈥淲e can wave at all our friends,鈥 said Renee Wunnenberg with the group that picked a table at the window. 鈥淚t澳门开奖 all fun and I鈥檓 here for the Christmas Spirit.鈥