Valentine澳门开奖 Day is less than a week away, and that means it澳门开奖 time for the Valentine Brunch and Auction at the Montrose Methodist church. Typically held on the 澳门开奖 closest to Valentine澳门开奖 Day, this year澳门开奖 event will take place this coming 澳门开奖, Feb. 11.

Following the regular church service at 9 a.m., folks will move downstairs to the Fellowship Hall for a carry-in Valentine Brunch. At the conclusion of the meal, auctioneers Laurie Wardlow and Vic Conlee will start the bidding.

The fun part of the auction is that you never know what you are bidding on, as each item is disguised by wrapping paper to conceal the contents of the box or gift bag. The only clue as to the contents will be an attached tag, stating 鈥渕an,鈥 鈥渨oman,鈥 鈥渃hild,鈥 or 鈥渁nyone.鈥 Winning bidders in the past have been surprised to find a gag gift, fancy underwear, a framed picture, homemade fudge or other sweet, coloring books, kitchen items, or even a beautiful handmade quilt. But whatever the gift, the joy of spending time together, socializing with church family and friends, makes it all special.

The proceeds of last year澳门开奖 auction were used to help renovate the church澳门开奖 Fellowship Hall. That project has seen many hours of volunteer labor and is now ready for a celebration of its completion.