tolmie building

The Tolmie Building at Tolmie Park in Keokuk will be seeing some upgrades soon. Including a new HVAC system.

The building at Tolmie Park has served residents well over its many decades of existence. Now the Keokuk Public Works Department has plans to spruce up the building to make it a little nicer for those who have events there.

Public Works Director Brian Carroll discussed some of the plans with the Keokuk Park and Rec Advisory Board at its regular meeting on Tuesday at Keokuk City Hall.

Current plans would see the brick building have siding, similar to the city澳门开奖 shed near the flower garden at Rand Park. Carroll said there also would be new HVAC put into the building. Right now the AC component of that consists of two window units.

The bathrooms in the building do not currently have heat or air in them. This plan would change that, putting in a new drop ceiling that would have duct work run on the top side of the ceiling.

The plan also would see window replacement in the building.

Board Member Mike Greenslaugh asked how long the building would be closed down. Carroll said, basically however long it takes to do the project.

When the project is complete, the city may look at raising the rate to rent the facility. Currently, it is $50, plus a $50 deposit. Park Board members said that is a good deal for rental facilities these days.

Board President Richard Moore asked Carroll when the project could start. Carroll said the city will have to approve the contract and then, perhaps as soon as the end of this month, it could begin.

Carroll also gave an update on the riverfront trail project that has been ongoing for several years now.

He said the city is waiting for clearance through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) before beginning. That should be the last clearance the city needs to start the project.

The city was instructed to do an archeological survey, which was done last April, Carroll said. The survey found a 鈥19th century artifact,鈥 Carroll said.

鈥漈hey found something worth something to somebody,鈥 he said.

He didn鈥檛 know what the artifact was, but board members were quick to point out that a lot of the riverfront is fill dirt brought in from other areas and the area floods, so it澳门开奖 anyone澳门开奖 guess what could have floated in there and settled from flooding.

Carroll said he contacts the Department of Transportation often to get updates and all he can figure is some of the government agencies are short-staffed, so items are taking longer to be cleared for the project.

If the NEPA clearance comes soon, they can get the project out for bid and hopefully see it started in the fall.

The board also heard about an idea in its preliminary stages. The Oakland Cemetery Initiative would like to build a pavilion somewhere in Oakland Cemetery that could be utilized for memorial services.

The Oakland Cemetery Initiative would be raising funds to pay for the project. The board seemed to have no issue with doing something like that, the location would need to be worked out.

There are only a few level spots at the cemetery, at the entrance and towards the back. The back area holds the cemetery澳门开奖 last remaining burial spots, however, so it would more likely be placed toward the entrance.