Meet the Author: Lost Canvas event features former Keokuk teacher Randy Sollenberger

Randy Sollenberger at an open mic event in Wauconda, Illinois.

The Lost Canvas Coffee Shop and Art Store, a hub for local art and literature at 719 Main Street in Keokuk, is set to host its monthly Meet the Author event. This November, the spotlight shines on former Keokuk teacher and author Randy Sollenberger. The event, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 25, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., offers a unique opportunity for book enthusiasts and community members to engage with Sollenberger澳门开奖 work.

Sollenberger, a notable figure in the local literary scene, has penned two non-fiction books: 鈥淢y Guardian Angel and Beating the Reaper with Songs and Stories of Forgotten鈥 and 鈥淪poon River Country, Guardian Angels and Other Stories.鈥

These works are a collection of short stories, poems, and songs that vividly recount Randy澳门开奖 experiences growing up in the Knox County portion of the Spoon River Valley and the region of West-Central Illinois known as Forgottonia. His narratives also delve into his times in what he calls the 鈥渋ndustrial collar counties of Philadelphia.鈥

A central theme of Sollenberger澳门开奖 books is the remarkable interventions of his guardian angel in more than 30 life-threatening instances. These gripping tales of near misses with the Grim Reaper are sure to captivate the audience.

Randy澳门开奖 writing style, influenced by his favorite author, Mark Twain, is imbued with humor, irony, and wisdom, aiming to both entertain and inform readers.

Ginny Henson, the owner of the Lost Canvas, emphasizes the importance of such events in showcasing the rich diversity of authors in the Tri-State area. The community boasts a wealth of talent, with authors who explore various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children澳门开奖 literature.

The monthly Meet the Author series at the Lost Canvas provides a platform for these local authors to share their stories and connect with the community. Be sure to check out this month澳门开奖 event for the chance to meet Randy Sollenberger, learn about his intriguing life experiences, and get copies of his books signed.