Several area military veterans were honored this weekend and now have new, specially made blankets to help keep them warm this winter thanks to the .

is a national organization with branches all over the country comprised of volunteers who design, sew, and present veterans of all branches of the military with specially made quilts to honor them for their sacrifice and thank them for their service.

Jan Gutting, of La Harpe, and Angela Myers, of Stronghurst, both started the Hancock/Henderson County branch of Quilts of Valor two years ago and were among those presenting the quilts this weekend.

鈥淲e started this a couple of years ago,鈥 Gutting said. 鈥淲e talked about doing it for two or three years, but we just never got around to doing it, and one day we were talking, and we said, 鈥業f we鈥檙e going to do this, let澳门开奖 do it.鈥 So, we started doing it and we haven鈥檛 regretted it since.鈥

The group has around a dozen members and the quilts typically take two or three days to create.

On Saturday, the group presented a group of veterans with their honorary quilts at the VFW in Carthage.

That group included the following:

  • Robert Hubbard, an Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam from 1963-64
  • Cecil Shipman Jr.. who served in the Army from 1953鈥57, was stationed in Kansas during the Korean War, earning the rank of Airman 1st Class, 50th Air refueling squadron
  • Gary Jackson, who served in the Army from 1990-2011, including two tours in Iraq, served two years in Korea, and also served in Kuwait, Germany and Panama before retiring after 20 years as a Sgt. 1st Class
  • Rose Burling, who served in the Air Force from 1960-65 as a nurse, and was stationed in Idaho, Turkey and Nebraska, later receiving an honorable discharge rank of Captain
  • Gary Blythe, who served in the Army Reserves from 1966-72
  • Michael Boyd, who served in the Navy as aviation mechanic in Vietnam, which included two cruises on the USS Kitty Hawk, and one cruise on the USS Independence to the Red Sea

And on 澳门开奖, two groups were honored by Henderson/Hancock County Quilts of Honor.

The first group received their honorary quilts at the Oak Lane Nursing and Rehab in Stronghurst.

That group included:

  • Robert Eddington, an Army veteran who served in World War II from 1942-46
  • Wilbur Pfieff, an Army veteran who served in Germany during the Korean War in 1954-55
  • Charlie Huss, an Army veteran who served in Germany during World War II from 1944-47

Later on 澳门开奖, a second group was honored with quilts during a ceremony at Oakwood Estates Retirement Village in Stronghurst.

Those honored included:

  • Tom Pullens, an Army veteran who served from 1969-73 after being drafted to serve in Vietnam and received a bronze star.
  • Kyle Hendrickson, a Navy veteran who served in California as a printer from 1988-93
  • Jim Alexander, an Army veteran who served in Germany in Air Defense from 1969-71
  • Kerry Gibb, an Army who served in Vietnam in 1969-70
  • Linda Latta, who served in the Air Force in Germany, specializing in environmental medicine
  • Bill Roberts, an Army veteran who served from 1960-68 as a quartermaster in Vietnam and later in the National Guard, receiving his discharge in 1993
  • Norris Crooks, an Army veteran who served in Vietnam in 1970-71, and later served in the National Guard from 1986-2009, which included working as a military policeman in Iraq.

Including this past weekend澳门开奖 quilts, Hancock/Henderson County Quilts of Valor have honored over 60 area veterans with their special quilts.

Myers said the group has received gratitude from the families and caretakers of those they honor with their quilts, and much more from the veterans themselves.

鈥淚t brings tears of joy, tears of remembrance, and sadness for people that they knew and lost,鈥 she said. 鈥淏ut the families are overjoyed that we are doing this.鈥

Gutting said one veteran honored on Saturday later told her at church on 澳门开奖 morning that the quilt he received has already been a source of great comfort.

鈥淗e said 鈥業 actually went home, and I took a two-hour nap and I had my quilt on top of me,鈥欌 Gutting said. 鈥淭hat澳门开奖 what it澳门开奖 all about.鈥

鈥淭he Vietnam veterans didn鈥檛 get a 鈥楾hank You,鈥 and this is one way that we can say thank you,鈥 Myers said. 鈥淭hey all sacrificed.鈥

To learn more about To nominate a veteran to be honored, contact Myers at 309-337-0095 or Gutting at 217-357-5430.