ARGYLE 鈥 There澳门开奖 an old saying: 鈥淯se it or lose it.鈥

That is the approach that a group that has formed in the last year in Argyle is taking to the community center and ball fields in that small city. The Argyle Community Boosters have been working since about September to get the building in shape and are making plans to make the ball field more usable as well.

Missy Benner with the group said most of the members of the group had children who played ball at the park. There used to be a ball association, and the group hopes that maybe Argyle can field a couple of teams in the future.

Benner said Eric Hunold and his family have been keeping up the property the best they could leading up to the formation of the boosters.

The group got a surprise at its first fundraiser event. In October, they held a silent auction event and ended up bringing in $17,000.

鈥淓ric asked, 鈥業s that a one in front of that seven?鈥欌 Benner said.

The organizers were hoping they would bring in at least $5,000, but thanks to the support from people not only in Argyle, but around the area, they blew that number out of the water.

Group members said they got donations from all around the county for the auction.

They have kept the momentum going after that fundraiser by having a Halloween trunk or treat-like event at the community center. Benner said they had about 100 kids at that.

Then the group held a Christmas party at the center as well.

鈥淲e had a ton of support,鈥 group member Patty Rooney said.

鈥淎rgyle may be a little community, but they have shown up,鈥 Benner said.

This past Saturday, the group held its second euchre night at the community center. The first one was a big success, so they decided they would try to do one perhaps once a month.

Rooney reported after the event, the second night was a success as well, with 48 players coming in. That is even more players than were at the first event.

The building, was once the gym for the Argyle school. Group member Tammy LeMaster said she and Benner actually went to school into middle school in Argyle, before several districts combined into Central Lee. It needs attention.

The group plans to get it back into shape. Hunold said no one had really been in the gym part of the building for about five years and it was in a real need to be cleaned up.

They would like to replace the roof of the building. The floor in the gym needs repair as well. They would also like to get the kitchen in the building in shape.

鈥淥ur goal is to be able to rent it out by May or June,鈥 Rooney said.

Then there is the ballfield. The first project they would like to do is the fencing around the field. There澳门开奖 currently no electricity at the field, but if that could change at some point, they would look into getting the lights working.

When the group held a softball tournament last fall, it was all daytime games.

The concession stand is another feature the group is eyeing. For that, they will likely need electricity in that area anyway. They know they will need running water in there to be up to current code.

The vision is to have more softball tournaments and kickball tournaments. Kickball seems to be a growing sport in the area and the Argyle field certainly lends itself to the game.

鈥淥ur goal is to get the community center and the ball field back to the way it was 20-30 years ago. Many people, too many to name, worked very hard to make it a great place for our kids and theirs to grow up having fun. We want to bring it back to life and bring it back to them and the community,鈥 the group said in a combined statement.

If anyone is interested in helping out, by volunteering or monetarily, visit the Argyle Community Boosters on Facebook and send them a message.